7 reasons to prefer 5D films over traditional attractions

7 reasons to prefer 5D films over traditional attractions


Do you think your theme park it’s ready to reach the next level? Are you looking for an attraction your guests are going to love? Would you like your park to stand out for its innovative features? Maybe it’s time to revamp your offer with a multi-sensory attraction. Here you have 7 reasons to consider a 5D movie for your park instead of the usual attractions.

1. Great value

Can we talk about the installation costs you have to bear for a rollercoaster or a dark ride? Well, we understand why you prefer not to. And it’s not just a matter of installation: maintaining these structures can be very expensive too. Of course, 5D theaters implicate costs, but they are definitely lower than those generated by traditional attractions. A cinema is not as risky as a traditional attraction, thus doesn’t need all the care that are necessary when it’s involved safety of people. Moreover, 5D films are digital: that means they’ll never wear and they’re totally maintenance free.

The emotions your visitors will experience with a multi-sensory film are on par with the ones they expect from more dangerous and expensive attractions. Amusement is granted, but you don’t have to spend a lot of many to deliver it!

2. Safety first

Something goes wrong and someone is involved. Do you know what it is? The worst nightmare every park owner has. And rightfully so. It happened in the past before: if a person gets hurt due to a technical failure, then the park suddenly becomes a scary place where no one wants to go anymore. Media exposure in the worst possible way.

With a 5D film this is a non-existent issue. Your visitors will have a great time as usual, but you can now sit back and relax. This is cutting edge technology we’re talking about: 5D theaters have all the benefits resulting from innovation. Seats can move in a such abrupt way too, but they are safe in every moment.

There is no doubt about that. It’s very unlikely that something goes wrong in a 5D theater. After the movie you’ll see your audience thrilled and excited, and your employees will be relaxed too since they know they can rely on safe structures!

3. No more concerns about personnel training

Since we’re talking about employees… one of the most annoying obstacles that park owners have to face is personnel training. You need time and money to have your employees properly trained and these costs are necessary when you have to deal with safety standards. It’s absolutely important that your staff knows how to behave under any circumstance.

With a multi-sensory theater you won’t have such a problem. Once your theater is completed and your film is set up, your personnel will be ready to help the audience during the multi-sensory experience. It’ll be a walk in the park, literally. Even the most recent additions to your team will be able to begin their job in your structure in no time. They won’t have to learn difficult procedures, everything will be easier for them.

4. When it rains it doesn’t pour

Weather can be a great enemy for you and your visitors. How many times have you seen your visitors running away due to unfavorable climate conditions? There are just a few things you cannot control in your theme park: weather is one of these. With a 5D film, your customers and you don’t have to worry about rain, wind and snow. They just get into the theater and immerse themselves in another world, far from the bad weather that is outside. And this is just a part of the story.

Multi-sensory attractions are weather-proof in every sense - that means you don’t have to protect your theater as cautiously as you do for your roller-coaster or your merry-go-round. Maintaining an outdoor attraction is definitely important and implicate a lot of work (and, therefore, investments). The screen and the seats of your 5D theater are already under a roof and safe from bad weather, you don’t have to worry about that!

5. Cutting-edge technology

Kids love technology. And their parents too. Nowadays, innovation and technology are not just for youngsters - adults are fascinated by pixels, screens and alike, just like their children. Multi-sensory attractions are becoming more and more popular thanks to all the families who are now so fond of technology. Just a couple of years ago, people thought 5D cinema would have been a short-lived trend, but now it’s clear that these predictions were completely wrong. 5D is a very serious business.

Multi-sensory movies give to the audience exactly what they’ve been asking for: an entertaining and out-of-this-world experience. Even those who aren’t tech maniacs can’t help but be amazed by a well-made 5D film. It’s not technology for its own sake. Quite the opposite, if these attractions are so engaging it’s thanks to technology.

6. Always changing

Have you ever found yourself dealing with an attraction that simply is not that great for your park’s visitors? So many efforts to give your audience a spectacular experience, but, eventually, you find out that people don’t like it. Space is a very important issue when dealing with an amusement park, but wasting it can lead to a sudden financial loss. This is a problem you’ll never face with your 5D theater or simulator. If the movie you chose is not well received by your audience, then you’ll just have to pick another one (you can follow these easy suggestions that will guide you to the right choice). Et voilà! Your visitors now have a new attraction to enjoy!

And this is just the beginning. Even if people like your movie, you can decide to change it for a limited time according to seasonal needs. Halloween, Christmas and so on are very good chances to attract more visitors by giving them a peculiar and engaging experience. Really, it takes just a little effort to change everything.

7. A custom-made attraction

Having a custom attraction in your theme park has never been easier. Why do you have to make do with the ordinary when you can go beyond material boundaries? 5D technology brings custom possibilities like never before in the industry. Have you ever dreamed about making your mascot the protagonist of the most representative attraction in your park? Now you can.

You have the opportunity to build a ride or an attraction film around what you think it’s better for your park and your audience. All the development process can be monitored. You will have total control on characters, settings, soundtrack. Do traditional attractions can give you the same level of flexibility?


These 7 winning points that 5D films have over traditional attractions are just the first ones that we’ve thought about. We’re sure you’ll find out something more soon! What do you expect to improve your park’s offer with a multi-sensory film? Watch all of our movies in full version!

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