6 reasons to get a movie package

6 reasons to get a movie package

As the time goes by, the attractions industry is becoming more and more technological. As you can see, this advancement is even more evident when immersive movies are involved. When compared to the past, audiences are more expert and satisfying their needs is more complicated.

Entertainment enthusiasts have the chance to get cutting-edge equipment within their houses. You need to give spectators a good reason to go outside and try experiences that are impossible to replicate at home.

With your theater or simulator you’re already offering the most advanced technology. But if you want to step up your game you need new movies, that are up to today’s standards. It’s like owning a pimped sports car: such a beauty needs gasoline to run faster.

Looking for new movies - thus, calling into question your current multimedia offer - can be time consuming. We feel your pain. This is why we’ve been thinking about a way to make you save time and - consequently - money.

With a movie package at your disposal this issue is gone! Keep reading to find out the many advantages this solution brings to you, to your audience and to your business!

1. With this formula, you earn more

Do you think this is a small thing? Thanks to the packages, movies are more affordable when compared to the price of the single license.

But benefits don’t end here. Crazy but true, it can happen that 4 movies offered by a movie production studio are less expensive than one video sold by a distribution company - which is, by the way, just a broker.

This difference in price is understandable. For their annual licenses, movie distributors agree upon their fares by considering the price per seat (which usually is around €300). Needless to say, if you own a 18-seat theater the final price will skyrocket. On the other hand, packages’ prices are usually fixed. It doesn’t care how many seats your theater has.

But the main reason behind this price difference is that distributors don’t create the movies they sell, as they only distribute videos produced by other companies. And - just like what happens in every other industry - when there is a man in the middle the price goes up.

2. The right movie for every season

Imagine to have the opportunity to screen a Christmas movie during Christmas season. Or you can arrange a horror night for Halloween. A movie package gives you the chance to offer the right movie at the right time!

With a bundle of movies you can even lease titles that, otherwise, you probably would have not considered if you had to buy the single license. Now you can think about a strategy for the whole year. For example, you can get two movies to screen all the year and other two for special occasions. Now you can choose!

A movie package helps you to get the best out of your theater or simulator!

3. Easy support

If you get your movies in bundle and from the same supplier, after sale support is straightforward. If you pick a video production studio, you will have better control over your video content, since you will be able to avoid unnecessary in-between steps.

Timely support is not something you always think about… unless you need it! For every doubt about your movies you know who you should speak with. You won’t lose your time leafing through several contracts searching for phone numbers.

4. Noteworthy renewal options

What’s better than an affordable movie package? Options that allows you to renew your multimedia offer without thinking too much about it!

In this industry, things go faster than the speed of light. Screening the same movies all the time is not a great idea. When you lease a bundle of movies from a specialized video production studio, the renewal options are always very useful for those who really want to increase their audience.

Thanks to a movie package, you can offer new contents to your guests easily and with low effort on your side!

5. You can satisfy every person in your audience

Do you want to target all the age groups? What about screening a movie for kids, a thrilling ride, a horror film and a Christmas story for the winter season? With a movie package you can choose a movie for every genre!

And it’s not just that. This difference between genres will help you understand what your audience actually wants to watch. Are you starting right now with your entertainment center? Do you want to revolutionize your theater? A bundle of immersive movies can help you understand what is your audience’s most favorite movie genre.

6. Make your voice heard

For video production studios, feedback from clients is very important to create their future works. Why is this fact so important to you? When you lease a bundle of movies, you become a fundamental asset during the development of new movies.

When you work closely with a production studio, you can submit your ideas about the new videos. This means that your next immersive movies movies will be produced thanks to your recommendations. This way, your audience will experience stories actually created for them!

A movie package is the key to grow your business following your needs and your audience’s wishes.

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