5 reasons why people love ride films

5 reasons why people love ride films

Ride films are definitely the best choice for those amusement professionals who deal with venues that are not heavily thematized. A few examples are arcades, malls, family entertainment centers, amusement parks… All of these venues can easily include a motion theater or a simulator that takes advantage of leased ride films to entertain their audiences.

Would you like to know why ride films are the best option for managers and entrepreneurs dealing with these venues? Read this article!

If you put yourself in your guests’ shoes, it’s easy to understand why people love ride films. We’ve listed the top 5 reasons why people love this genre for their VR/5D experiences!

It’s fast!

Everyone loves speed, it makes you feel alive. And a ride film is the best way to run at top speed. With a ride film, you have the opportunity to run like never before. It’s like a digital roller-coaster, but you don’t have to deal with dangerous machines or equipment that requires careful maintenance. Either VR or 5D, ride films are designed to trick our senses to make us feel immersed inside a glaring fast adventure.

If you manage a motion theater or a simulator, you already know that people come to your venue to have fun. What they want is just spend some minutes of their day to forget about their everyday realities for a bit. Honestly, there’s nothing better than a faster than light ride film to do this!

Learning something from a video is nice, but this is not the purpose of ride films. Shopping malls, arcades and similar venues need something very entertaining to grip their audiences. A fast ride film is the way to go.

First person experience

The most exciting experiences are the ones that you live in first person. And this doesn’t apply to the amusement industry only. Do you prefer to be the rockstar of the show or someone in the audience attending to the concert? The answer is fairly obvious…

There are a lot of people in our industry who think that immersive movies should all follow the same guidelines of traditional cinema. But that is not the case. In a ride film you become the hero of the story, so you have to take advantage of first person point of view to let this magic happen. Third person point of view is useful only for tailor-built attraction movies, but this is a whole different ball game.

Ride films have nothing to do with the movies created for the big screen. People know it and they love ride films because of that!

You can never get bored

With a ride film you cannot get bored: these experiences are usually under 5-minute long: this is the perfect time span for fast adventures in first person. Think about it for a second: a ride film is like a digital roller-coaster, right? Well, all the most popular roller-coasters of the world don’t last more than 5 minutes. The fact that the experience is “short” doesn’t stop thousands of visitors to wait in line to try them.

Every attraction has its own features. The average length of the experience is one of these. Your guests who want to try your ride films already know that their adventure won’t last more than 5 minutes. There’s no point of giving them a video that has nothing to do with their expectations.

You have to focus on what your audience wants and not about technical details. People love ride films also because these experiences are short and have the best time/quality ratio for them.

Effects, in all their glory

The power of special effects has fascinated generations of movie fanatics. The magic is not over. Quite the opposite, people who decide to try VR/5D experiences absolutely love special effects. Actually, effects are the most peculiar feature of ride films. If you get rid of them, you just have an average movie in front of you. An immersive experience without effects would be absolutely pointless.

You know it better than anyone else: the majority of people who try multi-sensory and virtual reality experiences do it because of the effects. And rightfully so. Nowadays, technological equipment for entertainment is becoming cheaper and cheaper. That means that one can basically emulate a hi-fi theater in a living room.

You have to give people a reason to get out and come to your venue: you have to give them something they cannot try at home. This is when effects come in hand!

They’re for everyone

Kids, teenagers, adults can equally enjoy ride films. These films focus on action, the stories are based on giving thrills to the audience rather than letting them discover something. It’s all about action - there’s no much room for everything else.

And, as said above, they’re short! It’s impossible you will get bored when watching a ride film! There are a lot of genres too - and having a lot of choice is great for your audience.

Last, but not least, since ride films focus on action, there is not a lot of talking in it. That means that everyone can understand them - this is great for kids, but even for foreign guests who don’t speak your language!

Wrap up

People love ride films. Movies belonging to this category can deliver thrills like no other movie genre. Furthermore, ride films are the best choice for amusement professionals who deal with shopping malls, arcades, family entertainment centers and amusement parks that lack a heavy thematization.

But why do people love ride film?

  • Because people love speed and ride films are the fastest digital entertainment on Earth!
  • Because with a ride film you can be the hero of the story thanks to first person point of view
  • Because you can never get bored, since these experience don’t last more than 5 minutes
  • Because there are a lot of special effects
  • Because everyone can enjoy them

What’s your opinion about ride films? Write it down in the comments below!

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