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The CGI studio for
media based attractions


We help amusement and theme parks, museums, and FECs choose the perfect CGI content for their media based attractions, without any middleman or distributor upfront.

The perks of
with us


Single-pipeline specialization

We have structured our own standardized production process, certified by the IQNet network, thanks to which our lead times and prices are optimized and more competitive compared to Hollywood guys.
This means that you won’t have unexpected additional costs during production or delays on delivery.


In-house expertise

We take care of all the aspects of content creation in-house, from pre-production to post-production up to on-site testing and installation.


Design-oriented approach

Thanks to our structured method we define every detail of the content we have to create before we start producing it.

This ensures a smooth production process, so that we always respect milestones, deadlines, and budgets.


We know what people want

Each of our titles stems from a deep market and target analysis. We perfectly know what people want to experience: our movies are always based on captivating IPs and topics that never cease to entertain audiences.


Fast-growing movie catalog

We produce up to 3 new licensed titles every year, so that our library is constantly updated and our clients can offer new content to their audience.

Our license catalog includes movies in VR, 5D, Dome, and Flying Theater formats.


We have the best partners

We cooperate with the leading hardware suppliers in the amusement industry on a daily basis to integrate our CGI content and their hardware, so all of our content is perfectly synchronized with audio and special effects on any media-based attraction.


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